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Michigan's Ultimate Blend


Biologic Maximum
Winter Canola
Dwarf Essex Rape
Purple Top Turnips

Soil Bust Till Radish

Keeper Kale


Alsike Clover
Starfire Red Clover
Kura Clover
Jumbo Ladino Clover
Kopu II White Clover
Norcen Birdsfoot Trefoil
Oasis Chicory
WL 326 GZ Alfalfa

Falcata Alfalfa












Net wgt 6 lbs.

Total area coverage:
1/2 acre broadcast
2/3 acre drilled

Annual seeds such as forage rape, conola and the perennial chicory do not need to be inoculated. All legume perennial seeds are preinoculated.

Planting Instructions
Planting instructions as noted is for zone 3 Southern Lower Peninsular Michigan.
For zone 2 (Northern Lower) add 1 week to start of spring seeding (April 22nd). For zone 1 (Upper Peninsular) add 2 weeks to start of spring seeding (May 1st).

Spring Seeding, broadcast or drill
Plant after April 15th through June 30th (last week of April preferred).

Summer Seeding, broadcast or drill
Plant the lst half of July through mid August (August 7th preferred).


Note: Follow instructions closely. It is imperative to eliminate the competition (existing grasses and weeds) prior to seeding for best results. Some plant types, such as Kura clover starts slow and cannot complete with weeds and grass for several months. For Kura clover, it may take three years, while other seed types such as birdsfoot trefoil, grazing type alfalfa, white and ladino clover will more than hold their own in one year. Nutritious and digestible Endur kura clover, will over time be the dominate plant type (grass will be subordinate), in addition to birdsfoot conditions. Expect the remaining perennials to live up to ten years if maintained, (mowed and fertilized twice yearly).

First year spraying with following year no-till early spring frost seeding method (recommended)

The previous year, spray with two quarts of Roundup and one quart of ammonium sulfate per acre the following three dates, around the end of May (wait for the grass and weeds to be a minimum of 12 inches high and the bracken fern leafs unfolded). Note: For the four-gallon type backpack sprayer, use two cups of Roundup and one cup of ammonium sulfate per fill up. Spray again the end of June or four weeks later. The last spraying is crucial for success and that date is as close to September 15th as possible.

Seeding time is the following early spring while there is some soil freezing and thawing happening. Due to the Ultimate seed blend including the more sensitive brassica type seeds, broadcast 6 lbs per 1/2 acre toward the end of the freezing period. In mid Michigan, mid April should be fine. See follow up for fertilization advice.

First year spraying and minimum tillage, with following year mid spring seeding (recommended)
Here the first year we spray the same amount and dates as above, except we add a tillage pass for a more sure seed catch the following spring seeding. At least three weeks after the second spraying of late June, till and till no more than four inches deep and work into the soil the broadcasted lime and fertilizer per soil test recommendations. This tillage operation is toward the end of July allowing ample time for the double-sprayed weeds and their roots to decompose for easy tillage. The third spraying of mid September will allow the new weed seeds brought to the surface due to tillage, time to germinate and emerge, only to be zapped by the mid September spraying leaving your field rather weed and weed seed free for the following early spring seeding.

Seeding time is the following early spring but only after the soil is completely thawed. In Mid Michigan this should be toward the end of April. The seed can be broadcast or drilled, either way follow with a double cultipacking pass. You fertilized the previous year, but it is recommended that you broadcast fertilizer again. See Follow up for fertilization advice.

Same year spraying, minimum tillage, along with mid summer seeding (recommended).
Here we will spray also three times and amounts as above, but at a different timing. The first spraying is the same time period of late May. The second spraying is three weeks later. Two weeks after the second spraying, around early July, till and till no more than four inches deep - the food plot along with any broadcasted soil test - recommended lime and fertilizer.
The third spraying is done prior to but can be the same day as the seeding date. Here we shoot for the seventh of August (hopefully four weeks after the tillage operation allowing many weed seeds to germinate and emerge only to be zapped).

Seeding time the same year can be very successful if you are blessed with moisture and you followed instructions to the letter. As previously noted, broadcast or drill in the seed followed with two cultipacking passes. No harm is done if you add more fertilizer and followed instructions as noted in the follow up for fertilization advice.

Follow up
for Fertilization per acre for no-till frost seeding or minimum tillage right after seeding
Broadcast 200 lbs of 19-19-19
Broadcast 100 lbs of urea 46-0-0

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