Ed Spinazzola has spent thousands of hours researching, planning, creating and monitoring food plots. He paid for his food-plot education with calluses and failures. He is one of the few I would welcome to create a food plot on my place.

Grant R. Woods, Ph.D.
Wildlife Biologist

Ed Spinazzola's extensive background in farming combined with his incredible passion for white-tailed deer has led him on a 30-year journey into the subject of food plots. As a result, he is widely considered one of the nation's top food-plot experts, especially in the Northern U.S. Ed's true gift, however, is his ability to relay complex information in layman's terms so everyone, no matter their level of experience, can benefit from his extensive knowledge.

Brian Murphy
Executive Director, QDMA

This food plot book picks up where theothers leave off. Ed's advanced food-plot methods have been worked out over years of trial and error and are absolutely on target for Northern environments. This book should be a part of every food plot enthusiast's library.

Craig Dougherty
Chairman, QDMA National Board of Directors

It is rare that someone, not professionally trained, can assimilate details over the long term and write a book of this significance. Ed Spinazzola's desire to manage habitat for the noble whitetail was the driving force behind the production of a "tool" for his fellow QDMA deer managers. This book details the use of herbicides, equipment, seed mixtures, and planting procedures and dates for the most serious of those whom Ed refers to as "food plotters."

Joe Hamilton
QDMA Founder and Director Emeritus

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